Translations in Florence


Specialist native-language specialized translators in Florence, with a specific degree and expertise acquired during years of work, are the network of collaborators in Italy, in Europe  and in the world using the CONIT Center.
The CONIT Center, operative since 1974, has chosen a team of highly-trained personnel to select the best collaborators. Translators work quickly, professionally, with extreme  attention and great care in finding the most appropriate expressions and terminology for technical, scientific, medical-pharmaceutical, legal and financial texts.
In this way, it is possible to guarantee not only faithful and correct translation, but also the translated texts in the language of destination that are presented in a fluid and sliding language, and are offered to a pleasant reading like that of the text in the source language.
Among our competences is also the creation of terminological glossaries specific to each type of professional field. 

Among the services offered by the CONIT Center, we include:  
  • Sworn translations  
  • Sworn statement, legalizations, apostille 
  • Patent translations  
  • Driving license translations 
  • Registration document translations and similar things  
  • Translations of judgments  
  • Translations of certificates and diplomas  
  • Web site translations  
  • Revision of translations already made  
  • Typing texts  
  • Telephone language consulting 

Each translation, after being completed, is subjected to a thorough review and specialized checking to verify its terminology, spelling and syntax-grammatical correctness.
Our staff members are professionals with many years of experience in translations and appropriate attestations, such as a degree in language and / or translation and any other
degree degree.  
We guarantee absolute confidentiality of your data and information, in compliance with the privacy laws (Legislative Decree 196/2003) and the Deontological Code provided by the
Statling of the Federlingue Association. 
Professional and specialized translationof high level, requires precise machining steps. Typically a referent responsible for following a client requesting translation, performs a number of operations: 

takes a look and analyzes all the original documentation, makes a first evaluation of the type of text, of the number of folders needed, about timing and other details. In addition, it is necessary to choose the most suitable resource to entrust to the job, consult experts in various sectors, supervise the project, perform a careful and accurate quality control.


What are the sworn statement? They are translations that become official after an oath given to the Tribunal, a notary or Peace Judge. A translator who assumes responsibility for the veracity of the content contained in the translated text with that of the original text, by means of a verbal of asseveration. 

It is imperative that the translator ensures the highest level of confidentiality in the service provided to the customer.
The CONIT Center carries out assignments for sworn statement services ("sworn translation") and dilegalization (apostille), so that the translated text can be valid in the country of use of the document. 
For the sworn statement, the translator must be present at the Court with the original text (or authenticated copy) in conjunction with the translation to be asserted and the verbal of sworn statement. 
Legalization of the document is done by attesting the legal status of the official public who affixed his signature on the document as well as the authenticity of the signature.
Legal translations are a very "sensitive" and delicate field of operation and that, by its very nature, requires highly sectoral and in-depth knowledge of law. Accurate knowledge of foreign languages is necessary to better understand the meaning of the texts in order to offer a precise text with consistent terminology. 


Also with regard to financial translations, we talk about a particularly specialized sector, that requires the utmost care and technical skills, for the terminology adopted, linguistic
competence and terminology coherence.
Typically, financial translations regard in detail: 
  • Balance sheets
  • Quarterly and semi-annual financial reports
  • Annual management reports
  • Institutional disclosures for shareholders


Technical translation requires deep knowledge of the subject matter and its terminology, experience in the field, precision, in-depth research, constant updating.
The CONIT Center's professional collaborators are able to operate in a variety of sectors: from the environmental to the medical-scientific one, from the industrial ones (automotive, mechanical engineering, electronic, electrotechnical, railway, etc ...) to the tourist one.
In detail, we are working to provide professional translations of:
Instruction and operating manuals
  • Regulations, safety datasheets, technical datasheets
  • Technical drawings in autocad, electrical diagrams
  • Specifications of civil works
  • Patents
  • Product labels and catalogs
  • Internet sites

To receive more information about our translation services in Florence, you can send an email to:, or you can fill out the contact form. You will be contacted as soon as possible by our staff.

The CONIT Center is located in Via Lorenzo Il Magnifico, 48 a Firenze

Phone: 055496567 / Mobile: 3356150723