Interpreting in Florence


Interpreting services in Firenze: we offer simultaneous performance - consecutive – chuchotage - conference interpreters for congresses, round tables and commercial negotiations. 

The figure of the interpreter is crucial to the success of important meetings, negotiations, business meetings, company visits, training courses, administration boards, conventions and conferences. 
Our interpreters are experienced professionals with a ten-year experience, resident in the main Italian and European cities. Their job is to convey the exact meaning of each sentence pronounced in any language required.


Simultaneous interpretation is usually provided for congresses, conventions, conferences. For its conformation, it typically takes place in a soundproofed cabin with a specific congress facility.
To manage simultaneous interpretation, the room usually has to be equipped with a special cabin for each linguistic combination: Italian vs. German and vice versa. The cabin must be in compliance ISO 2603 in the case of fixed and standard installations ISO 4043 in the case of mobile installations. At least two interpreters must be present in each cabin.


Consecutive Interpretation takes place without the support of congress facilities. In this case, the interpreter takes notes during the speaker's display and translates during speech pauses. For consecutive interpretation, we use two interpreters for each language combination, Italian vs. English and vice versa.

INTERPRETATION in chuchotage 

Interpretation in "chuchotage" is a simultaneous interpretation technique, that happens without the aid of congress facilities and in which the translation of the speaker's speech is brought back to the ear of the listener. 
This is, in the true sense of the word, a translation done by whispering the essential concepts of intervention in the presence of two users and not more.


For business negotiations, interpreting services take place without the typical congress facilities. The interpreter follows the client in his business meetings, visits to companies and establishments, technical training and meetings with foreign delegations.

The current economic and commercial scenario has gained a greater flow of contacts with representatives of foreign countries, nowadays become a daily administration. Often the two or more parties involved in international negotiations interact, for commercial trading, without the support of translators, especially if the dialogues take place in the most widespread languages in the world: English, German, French. 
In the case of faster communication and detailed topics, for example in the precise study of the details of the agreement, where terminology can create a misunderstanding or an error, the ideal solution to minimize all the risks involved is to be assisted by a professional interpreter and translator. 
It is absolutely necessary to use negotiation interpreter services if the counterpart in the dialogue speaks a less common language such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and Finnish.
An appropriate and quality translation from one language to another, requires the interpreter or translator who has a good knowledge of the foreign language, but not only. The professional translator specializing in negotiation interpreting is not only responsible for transmitting in the other language the mere literal meaning of the words and in accordance with the syntax and grammatical construction of that particular language, but also to know how to interpret and translate cultural nuances of the speech or of the text.

The interpreter may feel that he has to complete his translation work by making observations that make the negotiation ongoing more clear and transparent, thus giving the best outcomes to the negotiation itself for the benefit of the interlocutors.
In business meetings and negotiations, the interpreter plays a rather complex role, because its services are essential in creating the basis of understanding, for this reason the interpreter is an active part. But it is true that the peculiarity of the negotiating interpreter's job is that, despite the need for his presence, his involvement must not be active or independent during trade negotiations. His role is the means through which an international negotiating process takes place, but his role can not take on any other relevance.

The negotiator can analyze concepts and ideas expressed, that represent the proposals of the negotiation. The interpreter is not called to express his thought as being only a mediator, therefore, the professional in negotiating interpreting has the task of expressing it with extreme accuracy in the two languages both the content of ideas and their semantic and emotional fabric, preserving the style, tone, recording and intonation of the interlocutors. 

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