Congress organization in Florence


For a professional and professional congress organization in Florence, you can contact the CONIT Center.
The CONIT Center is staffed by staff able to organize your turn-key conference, according to a specific program that develops for different points, with the goal of responding to every need that is functional to the success of the congress.
In detail, the individual points to be addressed in organizing a congress: 
  1. we agree with the customer the date available according to the number of participants and the place chosen; 
  2. we propose the various possible places where the event is to be based on the number of participants and the availability of the date;
  3. we will send the letter of participation to the event to each of the names you have provided to us and to each one in your own language;
  4. we provide all the staff necessary for the event: simultaneous operators, hostesses and technicians; 
  5. we can provide you with all the material like simultaneous booths, overhead projector, chair table, microphones, headphones etc. in case this was not available at the chosen location;
  6. we book the rooms at the various hotels, in the immediate vicinity of the event and according to the availability of each participant;
  7. we provide coffee-breaks, business lunches and gala dinners with entertainment of your choice; 
  8. we organize different entertainments for the wives of the participants; 
  9. we coordinate all useful means of transport; 
  10. we are concerned with the possible search for sponsors related to your business; 
  11. we offer a personalized homage to each participant.

The organizational secretary remains at your disposal for any other needs, offering you all the flexibility to cater for other requests not listed in this ladder. 

To receive more information about organizing conferences in Florence, you can send an email to:, or you can fill out the contact form. You will be contacted as soon as possible by our staff.

The CONIT Center is located in Via Lorenzo Il Magnifico, 48 a Firenze
Phone: 055496567 / Mobile: 3356150723