Sworn translator and legal translator: two distinct concepts

The “sworn” translator belongs to CTU register (office technical advisors) at a courthouse. It should be noted that in Italy anyone can translate and carry out the assimilation by going to the judicial office personally.

The “sworn” translator belongs to CTU register (office technical advisors) at a courthouse. It should be noted that in Italy anyone can translate and carry out the assimilation by going to the judicial office personally.

Let's start by delineating the figure of the “sworn” translator” tied to the conception of "sworn statement", which in Italy is remarkably distinct from what it meant in other European countries, also and above all because of the fact that in Italy the translator profession is officially recognized. The “sworn” translator belongs to CTU register (office technical advisors) at a court. This entry is required to carry out the activity of language consultants in court as a judge's assistant and that, out of court, gives the translator a certain aura of officiality. The translator, swearing the report, takes charge of any criminal liability he may face by giving false statements, swears in front of a court official of the Office (eg the Chancellor of the Tribunal or the Judge of Peace or the Chancellor of Voluntary Jurisdiction or in front of a notary) “to have faithfully fulfilled
the tasks entrusted to them, for the sole purpose of making the truth known”. In other words, he swears oath on the translation of the translation into the original attachment. It should be noted that in Italy anyone who can and can carry out the assimilation, going to the judicial office responsible for the original of the document (authenticated copy or photocopy), its sworn translation and the swearing verbal. It is necessary an identity document and a seal (currently of value of 16 euros, to be applied every 4 pages starting, for counting purposes, from the first), for the payments of records office fee. translations are entrusted to a professional in the industry especially for adoption practices or for official documents such as translations of diplomas for enrollment at foreign universities or foreign professions. For this reason, the owner Dr. Anna Nenci is able to provide sworn statement since it has been registered with the CTU Register since 1999 with no. 6722. From February 2017 to make sworn translation in Florence, online booking is required through the official website of the court of Florence: www.tribunali.it/firenze by clicking on: online services.
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